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Integrated Aerospace, Inc.

Sometimes things are better the second time around. Such was the case for Mark Silk, President and CEO of Integrated Aerospace, and founder of its predecessor, Trig Holding. By selling slightly more than 50% of his company to Brockway Moran & Partners, Mark was able to achieve substantial financial diversification, obtain the capital needed to quickly fund a key acquisition, remain as CEO, and ultimately sell his minority stake several years later for many times more than the initial transaction.

We first met Mark Silk shortly after his senior lending source had backed out of financing an acquisition that was strategically important to his business. Within two months, Brockway Moran & Partners had formed Integrated Aerospace through the recapitalization of Trig and the simultaneous acquisition of select U.S. based precision machining assets of Derlan. Within one year of its formation, Integrated Aerospace had consolidated these operations and completed two additional complementary acquisitions. Over the five years that we were partnered with Mark, the company evolved from a manufacturer of commercial and military aircraft components to a market leader in the design, development and manufacture of complete landing gear and external fuel tank systems, primarily for military aircraft. All of this was accomplished in what was perhaps the most difficult commercial aerospace market environment in history.

Having accomplished the objectives we set out to achieve, Brockway Moran & Partners and Mark Silk sold Integrated Aerospace to a division of Smiths Group plc. The acquisition enabled Smiths to expand its capabilities to provide complete landing gear systems for helicopters, business jets and the rapidly expanding market for unmanned aerial vehicles and broaden its capabilities in aerial refueling systems.

Subsequently, Mark Silk and Brockway Moran & Partners teamed together to acquire Tri-Star Electronics International, Inc., for yet another very successful investment together.